Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why don't we change the subject....

For those of you who missed it yesterday, Ezra Levant rendering Don Boudria and Anne McGrath speachless after thoroughly taking them to task over their parties' shameless exploitatiion of the Brenda Martin Case.



Joanne (True Blue) said...

It says the video is no longer available. Pity. I was really hoping to watch it.

Orville said...

Why is video no longer available?
Can we access it somewhere else?

Sylia said...

Its been fixed now. Sorry for the delay.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Sylia.

It was worth the wait! ;)

Orville said...

In this story Deb Tieleman, Brenda Martin's friend, contradicts Dan McTeague and she says it is the Mexican gov't that may delay the transfer whereas McTeague in the previous story said
"But Dan McTeague (Pickering-Scarborough East) says the federal government is dragging its feet, preventing Brenda Martin's quick handover to Canadian authorities."

Sounds like McTeague is playing politics and being very partisan - was there ever any doubt?

Canwest News Service
Published: 8 hours ago
GUADALAJARA, Mexico - Mexican justice officials appear to have cleared the way for convicted Canadian Brenda Martin to get out of their country by the end of today.

But the Mexican government is insisting Canada must abide by an international prisoner transfer treaty that will delay her return by up to two weeks, Martin's friend and designated advocate, Deb Tieleman, said yesterday in Guadalajara.

Abiding by the treaty may also force Canada to imprison Martin in her home country, a possibility that frustrates and confuses Martin.

OTTAWA–A Liberal MP says a Canadian woman jailed in Mexico could be transferred into Canadian custody as early as today.

But Dan McTeague (Pickering-Scarborough East) says the federal government is dragging its feet, preventing Brenda Martin's quick handover to Canadian authorities.

McTeague says Martin, 51, spoke with Mexican authorities yesterday, who told her she could be transferred immediately, but that Canadian officials had not paid a fine equivalent to $3,500.

Martin is quoted by McTeague, the Liberal consular affairs critic, as saying Mexican officials told her they waived a mandatory five-business-day period in which she was to be held in custody after her conviction this week on a fraud charge.

"Mexican authorities have told her that all the paperwork has been completed, that they are prepared to release her to Canadian officials, but there are no Canadian officials there," McTeague said.

However, a spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day's office says Martin won't be transferred into Canadian custody today. Mélisa Leclerc says Martin has officially requested a prisoner transfer, and Day has asked officials to expedite the process.

Neil Hrab, spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier, said in an email all fines must be settled before countries will agree to proceed with a transfer.

"While the Canadian government does not pay fines from public funds, we are prepared to advance Ms Martin the money necessary ... to ensure her transfer to Canada on the condition that she repay this amount on her return," wrote Hrab.

MAW said...

As far as I'm concerned riding on the coat-tails of Brenda Martin's situation in a Mexican jail to hang a yoke on the conservatives proves that the Liberals and NDP will never be governing Canada any time soon.